Re: [Gimp-developer] Is there any kind of documentation on the new layer blend modes?

Thanks for the thorough explanations... The "probabilistic" point of
view is interesting.

Your write-up makes a load of sense but some more time is required for
this to completely sink in:)

On 8/18/19 9:35 AM, Ell via gimp-developer-list wrote:

There's indeed no organized documentation for all the new layer modes
yet, unfortunately.

For Pass Through mode, see:

Merge and Split are complementary modes, as their names suggest.  They
are similar to Normal and Erase modes, respectively, but they handle
alpha values differently.  The short version is that (when using their
default composite modes) Merge adds the alpha values of the input
layers, while Split subtracts them.  In other words, if the alpha values
of the bottom and top layers are A and B, respectively, the resulting
alpha values for Merge and Split are `min (A + B, 100%)`
and `max (A - B, 0%)`, respectively.

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