Re: [Gimp-developer] Separate repository for GIMP AppImage plug-ins

Thanks -- I understand now that an "All Plugins" image works against what you're trying to do, which is make the build/update process simpler... don't trouble yourself with the "all plugins" version, I will just work with the images you have proposed. Thanks! -c
An “all plugins” AppImage is not difficult to generate, all the scripts are still in place for that… the 
issue is more practical: suppose you are using the ApImage from the 2.10.10 GIMP release, and you want to 
update G’MIC to the latest version. With an “all plugins” AppImage that would not be possible, because I 
would need to re-generate the AppImage each time one of the plug-ins is updated. In the new scheme, you only 
have to re-download the G’MIC plug-in and you are done.

Also take into account that apart form G’MIC, the other plug-ins are very rarely updated. Hence you can 
download and install them once, and they should still work with future 2.10.x GIMP versions.

One thing I need to check/test is whether I can provide an “all plugins” AppImage and still allow to install 
the individual plug-ins as updates. That is, the plug-in that was downloaded separately would take precedence 
over the bundled one.

Would this make sense?



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