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Joseph, thanks for the encouragement.

I am looking into implementing this as a gegl operation, but not sure yet I
would be able to do it.

Initially, I viewed Spyrogimp as similar to the Gfig plugin, i.e., mainly
as a tool for creating complex paths. In the "Porting filters to GEGL"
webpage, Gfig appears as "Doesn't need porting".

The other part of Spyrogimp is rendering the complex path with different
gimp tools, which produces interesting results when using different modes
<> or
tools <>.
I am not sure how that would be possible as a gegl operation.

On the other hand, a Spyrograph gegl operation with on-canvas interaction
would be cool, even if only supporting simple drawing primitives. I might
do that, but that will do only part of the what the Python plugin does.

Is my understanding correct?


Hi Elad,

I would say if this really requires porting to GEGL. But, you probably need
to consult with other developers, especially Ell.What is interesting though
is if this could be to make it more interact.

By the way, the capability for simple drawings would be really nice to have

Thanks for your efforts and all the best.


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