Re: [Gimp-developer] primitive drawing tool Request

On 10/13/18 22:36, Jacques Koffaltretes via gimp-developer-list wrote:

I love gimp, and use it for all my game dev image manipulation and also for

Can you PLEASE add simple primitive drawing tools, If you can add line/box
and circle tools with option to fill shapes or outline, and line tool has
option to hold CTRL to snap to 90/45/27.5/15 angles when drawing continous

I know this is primarly not a drawing program, but I hate to have to load
other software just to draw a line or a solid circle or box. Every beginner
art app/program is capable of doing this, and I have no idea the logic why
this was never included in gimp.

Stroking a path is simply laborious and dumb, the path is unpredictable and
disappears on undo..

I will donate cost for the developer time to get some primitive drawing
tool into gimp. At least a line tool, please.

The line part is already in the brush tool. Click on start point, depress Shift, move to end point, Click. If you depress Ctrl (in addition to Shift) you have constrained angles. You can also see Filters>Render>GFig.

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