Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-web] Alexandre Prokoudine attacks on GIMP critics around the Web

пт, 16 нояб. 2018 г., 23:19 Simone Karin Lehmann simone lisanet de:


"We don't do "release dates" :) We release when it's ready.“

Niccolo still answers, IMO, very politely

and explains why, in his opinion, he thinks planned release dates are
better than solely saying "we don't do release dates“ and explains how a
smiley at the end of this sentence sounds to him and finally admitting that
he might be wrong, though.

The problem here is that you are reading a reply that he later edited to
look nicer, after I replied to him.

The original comment suggested that by refusing to set dates to releases we
tell users to f*** off (I'm redacting this here, he didn't). And there was
no admission that he could be wrong.

Look, Simone, there are not many active contributors to GIMP, but those who
are, me including, spend upwards of 20 hours a week on this project (maybe
even more for some). It's like having another job (or another family).

And since my job is pretty much about communication between users and
developers, I find his repeated suggestion that we don't care about users
incredibly offensive, which I told him about several times, and he never
had the dignity to apologize (which would resolve the conflict completely).
On the contrary, instead of apologizing, he did his best to discredit my
involvement, not to mention all the expletives.

It's your choice to protect an abusive person though.


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