Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-web] Alexandre Prokoudine attacks on GIMP critics around the Web

пт, 16 нояб. 2018 г., 6:40 Trevor Rose tarose trevor gmail com:

3 — the solution to the problem is to tighten up your communications
channels, and to use some other technology rather than just an email group,
and in which alternative system a person must be logged in, and each post,
thread and comment/reply is not only better organised, but can be
identified as per user ID, GROUP, and ROLE ... PLUS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY
you can constrain each unit of communication by using mandatory fields and
filters, in order to force clearer communication and remove some amount of
abuse, while also being able to ban anyone who takes their passion beyond
an accepted threshold/limit.

Hi Trevor,

I'm afraid I'm not a big believer in technical constraints as means to
manage a community. We have a history of making it difficult for people to
contribute to GIMP in any way. I would hesitate to make it even harder.

Your suggestion boils down to making initial communication more complicated
while, indeed, more structured. It also seems to suggest some sort of
pre-moderation which puts a heavier burden on those of us involved with

So mailing lists are a tool that keeps communication open enough and takes
just about the right amount of time to keep our sanity at the cost of rare
outbursts like this one.

Having said all that, I would still appreciate examples of what you
consider superior communication channels.


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