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On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 2:01 PM, Jehan Pagès <jehan marmottard gmail com> wrote:

On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 1:28 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine
<alexandre prokoudine gmail com> wrote:
On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 1:37 PM, Darshan  kadu wrote:

I am Darshan Kadu Intern at FSF working on GNU GIMP as the task of the

I would like to contribute to the GNU GIMP as part of GSoC also, as GNU is
participating too.

But I don't see the page giving any description of the project.
So does that means I cant contribute to GIMP for GSoC?
If yes how to proceed further?

Hi Darshan,

We are not participating at GSoC as a standalone organisation, and we
haven't discussed doing it under any umbrella project with any
umbrella project.

As Prokoudine said, we have not any plan doing this yet, but I would
not be against. You should ask people at GNU if they would accept to
give us a slot. They are the only one who would be able to tell you if
it is ok.

For the record, GNU accepted our request, and invited me as a mentor.
So I am now subscribed as a GSoC mentor for GNU.
This does not gives us automatically a slot. I assume in the end, the
choice will depend on how many slots are given to GNU. We'll see.

Since there is a slight overlap in the schedule of the current FSF
internship and GSoC, I asked the FSF contacts if that would be a
problem. Since having Darshan as a GSoC student would be beneficial to
both GIMP (longer contribution from Darshan) and Darshan himself, they
said that would not be a problem to wrap up the FSF internship earlier
if our project got accepted for GSoC.

Now we have to decide of a good project for GIMP/Darshan since GSoC
needs us to decide this first. Note that, as already said previously,
I am more in favor of feasible and more concrete projects for GIMP,
even though maybe less fancy looking that what we used to have for
GSoC. Something which will definitely end up in GIMP in the end. :-)


P.S. We are GIMP, not GNU GIMP :)

Indeed. The first 'G' already means "GNU". You were basically
repeating: GNU GNU Image Manipulation Program. ;p


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