[Gimp-developer] Cage Transform not completing

I've been searching online for the solution to the problem I'm having, but so far found nothing. I'm really 
hoping someone here can help me.
My problem is with Cage Transform. I create the cage and distort it, but when I click Enter to commit to the 
transform it doesn't save it and just reverts back to the original settings.
I want to create a 3D image of my books, but first I need to cover the front of the template png I have with 
white so I can then add my book covers to a white background ensuring the original background doesn't show 
through. So I added a white png as a layer. This is what I am trying to change the shape of.
I've attached 3 images to show what I mean.
Thank you so much to anyone who can help me work out where I'm going wrong and how to save my changes.

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