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On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 1:03 AM, Steven P. Ulrick <meow8282 gmail com> wrote:

On 02/11/2018 10:03 AM, Kevin Cozens wrote:

On 2018-02-11 05:48 AM, Steven P. Ulrick wrote:

I also have libmypaint installed from GIT. It's "libmypaint-2.0.pc" file
says the following:

Version: 2.0.0

"rpm -qa | grep -i mypaint" says the following:


My custom installs of BABL and GEGL are both accepted versions, and they
ARE detected by GIMP.

I ran across the same problem with mypaint. After you clone the mypaint
repo you need to checkout the 1.3 branch and built it. GIMP won't let you
use the 2.0 version.

Hello, Kevin
Are you referring to libmypaint?  I know that I was unclear in my original
email. I just built and installed libmypaint-1.3.0 and GIMP is happy with
that...  But, libmypaint does not appear to have the brushes that are
contained in mypaint.
This is the only error I am getting right now:
  - Error: missing dependency mypaint-brushes-1.0

It is better to read the INSTALL file when you are building a software. :-)
Or in the case of GIMP, If you build from git repository, then read instead. Everything is explained.

As you note yourself, libmypaint do not contain MyPaint brushes, which
is a problem. This is why mypaint-brushes is a separate package. It is
available in
Install the branch v1.3.x and make sure that your PKG_CONFIG_PATH is
well set (once again, everything is explained in details in

I have the appropriate RPM installed, and the brushes are located at
"/usr/share/mypaint/brushes" but GIMP does not see them...

Yes these are installed with MyPaint, but this is a problem because:

(1) it makes MyPaint a defacto dependency to GIMP since we use
libmypaint (which is useless without brushes).
(2) there is no way to know where the brushes are but guessing. This
is what we were doing previously trying various common places (/usr,
/usr/local, etc.). But this is not an acceptable solution. We need to
know where each of our dependencies are actually installed with

This is why we have a separate package which hopefully will be used
also soon by every project using libmypaint out there (instead of
duplicating these data everywhere! For instance, I read that it is
what OpenToonz is doing: they just ship MyPaint brushes which is not a
good idea).


Thank you,
Steven P. Ulrick
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