Re: [Gimp-developer] FSF spring internship applicant looking for a GNU project

Hi Darshan!

Thanks for offering to help with the GIMP project. There is an IRC channel, 
#gimp on, where you can come and chat about GIMP development 
matters. One idea is that you could work on implementing GObject 
Introspection ( within 
GIMP, which would be a medium-sized task but would enable a lot of good 
things that people have wanted for quite some time.

I would suggest that you:
* get up to speed on how to use "git" and branches (you'd probably want to 
work on a branch off master - one approach might be to share your work using 
a GitHub fork off the GitHub mirror of GIMP)
* read the URL above about what GOI is
* join the IRC channel and get a further steer on how to proceed with this - 
my handle is "mohawk", and the GIMP project lead is Michael Natterer, whose 
handle is "mitch"


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Subject: [Gimp-developer] FSF spring internship applicant looking for a GNU 

Hello everyone,

I am Darshan Kadu, a 4th-year student at VNIT, Nagpur, India,
I am an FSF internship applicant for the spring.  I do have experience in
C, C++. Previously, I have worked with Blende in GSoC'17. I would like to
contribute to the GIMP during the internship.

I am ready to work for 30-40 hrs/week.

I have attached my resume.

Can you suggest me any project or series of task to work on?

Thank you.
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