Re: [Gimp-developer] FSF spring internship applicant looking for a GNU project

Hello Darshan,

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 6:41 PM, Darshan  kadu <darsh7807 gmail com> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am Darshan Kadu, a 4th-year student at VNIT, Nagpur, India,
I am an FSF internship applicant for the spring.  I do have experience in
C, C++. Previously, I have worked with Blende in GSoC'17. I would like to
contribute to the GIMP during the internship.

That's interesting. How does the FSF internship work exactly? Does it
require GIMP to assign any mentor too or are you mentored solely
within the FSF?

I am ready to work for 30-40 hrs/week.

I have attached my resume.

The mailing list drops every attachment, so we didn't receive it.

Can you suggest me any project or series of task to work on?

Well there are many topics of interest. What are you the most
interested by? There are lower level work on graphics algorithm and
stuff, in which case, that would be rather work on GEGL. If you want
to work on GIMP itself, I wrote for instance a few quick ideas the
other day (when we considered participating to gsoc with GNOME, though
I'm not sure this will happen):

Someone else (right now on a discussion in IRC; I think he said he
sent an answer too but I don't see it) was interested in someone
working on our API using GObject Introspection to allow more language
support. Why not.

These ideas are obviously not exhaustive. If you have yourself other
topics which interest you, we can discuss.
Only thing is that we prefer small yet solid work which can be merged
at the end of your internship rather than an awesome yet very
complicated feature "on-paper", which only ends as a demo in the end
and is never finished by anyone.
We have had some mitigated gsoc experience and some code from gsoc
students are still rotting around after several years.

Anyway yes, we are interested. :-)
We can continue discussing here, you can also drop on IRC (#gimp at, and we can also discuss privately if needed be.


Thank you.
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