Re: [Gimp-developer] Xsane with Gimp on Mac OS X

On 29 Dec 2018, at 18:56, Brion Vibber via gimp-developer-list <gimp-developer-list gnome org> wrote:

Hmm... is something broken with the TWAIN scanner plugin on Mac, or perhaps
have scanner drivers moved away from using the TWAIN system and so that's
not picking up your driver?

The TWAIN driver had issues on macOS. I think that for macOS the right way forward is to implement a plugin 
that uses the ImageCapture libraries. This will give you imports from scanners as well as cameras (including 
iphones/ipads) for all devices that ship with appropriate macOS drivers.

I once started working on such a plugin but I have no interest in finishing it at this moment. It is not in a 
good enough shape to put in git. If anyone wants to continue working on this, let me know and I will happily 
share the code that I wrote as a starting point.



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