Re: [Gimp-developer] Xsane with Gimp on Mac OS X

Ah, it was removed in 2016 in commit

"Bug 555525 - 64 Bit Build on Mac OS X Leopard fails...

...because of TWAIN interface

Remove all Mac TWAIN stuff, we will get proper OS X scanner support
pretty soon."

-- brion

On Sat, Dec 29, 2018 at 9:56 AM Brion Vibber <brion pobox com> wrote:

Hmm... is something broken with the TWAIN scanner plugin on Mac, or
perhaps have scanner drivers moved away from using the TWAIN system and so
that's not picking up your driver?

(I ported the TWAIN driver to support Mac in 2004, and it seems to still
be in the source code, so I would expect it to be included in builds by

-- brion

On Sat, Dec 29, 2018 at 9:24 AM Alain Jennotte via gimp-developer-list <
gimp-developer-list gnome org> wrote:


Two years ago, someone in this list explained that there was no support
scanner in Gimp for Mac OSX,. I'd like to know if things changed in the
latest developments.

I use Sierra, Gimp 2.10 and my scanner is a CanoScan 5600F. Should I move
to another OS to use my scanner with Gimp or is there a way to make this
work on OS X?

Thanks for any advise!

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