Re: [Gimp-developer] Progress of Asset / Plugin manager

Cool, thanks for info. I've checked the page on your blog and have some
notes to metadata that would be included:

  <id version="2.10" compare="ge">org.gimp.GIMP</id>

I assume that "ge" value of "compare" attribute means "greater or equal".
That's the possible way to do it. Here is another way how other systems
deals with the same problem:
And here some related tester:

I don't say one way is better than other, it's just to prevent you
reinventing the wheel (in case you are not aware of this way).

2nd thing, I'm missing Tags section in metadata, it's not necessary, but
nice to have - great sorting / grouping ability.


BTW I've also checked the code in repo (for the 1st time) and realized that
it's written in C. Just out of curiosity, why is that? Historical reasons?
Performance reasons? IMHO it brings huge complexity
* in code itself - only emulation of OOP through GObject creates lot of code
* for developers - the graphical math, theorises algorithms are difficult
on its own, now here is C code that is in this age quiet hardcore to use
with its non-OOP / structured paradigm ( most of devs code in OOP languages
these days). Well I can definitely read and understand what's going on in
the Gimp code, but it would take quiet long time to write something useful.

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