[Gimp-developer] Show clipped and out of gamut colors using blinking colors

Hi All,

It would be really nice to be able to click a button or have a view module option that would indicate clipped colors by coloring them in some way (perhaps black for shadows, white for highlights), with an option to make these pixels blink.

UFRaw, darktable, RawTherapee, PhotoFlow all provide this functionality via buttons on a bar below the image. In GIMP, maybe the status bar would be a good location.

This topic was briefly mentioned on the gimp dev list back in April 2015. There are two open bug reports. Also the question came up today on the pixls.us forum:




http://gimp.1065349.n5.nabble.com/GIMP-2-9-useability-out-of-gamut-and-HDR-channel-values-td45195.html#a45198 - there was a suggestion that this functionality already exists, but if it does, I can't find it :) .


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