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On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 7:29 PM, Sam Gleske <sam mxracer gmail com> wrote:
Hello gimp-dev and community,
I'd like to apologize for my remarks.  I think my pride got in the way a bit
and I definitely misunderstood the intent of the thread.  Hopefully, my
reaction does not turn of RedHat for wanting to contribute.  I will take
this as an opportunity to reflect on my actions and work to continue to
improve myself.  I definitely want to be seen as a healthy part of this
community and I really do appreciate and love what the GIMP dev team does.

If anybody is interested in joining me as an admin for maintaining the GIMP
CI server I encourage anybody to reach out to me regardless of your skill
level.  Even if you're new to Linux and wish to get better at Linux (zero
experience) I'm willing to provide you training and act as a senior for
advice in Linux system administration.

I'll try to keep conversation more productive than my first reply to this
thread.  I just wanted to publicly announce my apology since I started this
mess publicly.

Hey, no problem. We all have our days of tiredness and misunderstandings. :-)
Happy to read you don't leave us just now (and that maybe we'll get
more admins soon). ;-)



On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 7:08 AM, Jehan Pagès <jehan marmottard gmail com>

Hello Sam,

On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 9:15 AM, Sam Gleske <sam mxracer gmail com> wrote:

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 6:03 AM, Jehan Pagès
<jehan marmottard gmail com>


On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 10:20 AM, gregory grey <ror6ax gmail com>
I know about

I just wanted to raise this question to the attention of the team -
whether there is a need to support own CI if security is not an
issue.It is literally only reason people do that now when we have is even free for
opensource projects. looks pretty full to me,
example. External CI do not have problems with that.

We know of the disk usage issue:
That's one of the many issues which triggered us into either looking
for alternative solutions or collaboration or whatever you want.
Basically we want something which works, is useful and reliable. The
"need" stops there.

After, which software is it using? I think we don't really care. Now
obviously we'd prefer our whole infrastructure to run on Free
Software. And personally I like self-hosting for full control. But
then there is reality check: it requires contributor time and
administration skills. So in the end, the CI contributor(s) choose. In
the GIMP team, our policy is more or less that the one who *do* are
the one who are in charge of what they do.


Since I don't appear to be seen as a contributor or "doer" I'm happy to
step down completely and remove myself from the project.  Much as I like
GIMP I don't really like the tone of the thread.

I don't really understand what triggers this sudden anger but I see
you are quoting one of my last emails. And if that is your trigger,
then you got the opposite of its meaning since what it meant is that
*you* were the one in charge since *you* are the one who does right
now! So whoever who wants something different has to go through you
first then help you make things happen.

You are considered a contributor and a doer. That's even what I said
in my first email (if you haven't, please read it:,
which was the most important, answering Vladimir and telling him to
get in touch with you because you are the one making things happen
right now. That's pretty much the definition of both a contributor of
the project and a doer.

Now if the problem is that we are welcoming additional administrators
who want to help (especially if they could be backed by a big company
like RedHat), I don't understand. Having additional administrators
won't mean at all that we reject you or anything, quite the contrary
(cf. again my first email). But if you absolutely want to be alone to
administrate (and if that were your issue here), then yes it is a
problem. You don't have all the time of the world to maintain
perfectly the server (which is no big deal at all! You also have a
life and do this voluntarily. We thank you for this), but several
admins together could. Same as we are several developers (fortunately
since none of us could maintain GIMP as well as now if we were alone).

Our problem was clear: we have only 1 maintainer for continuous
integration and you don't have unlimited time. So having a second
person to help could be a good idea. Now if you really leave, we have
0 admins, and even if someone else stepped us, we'd be back at square
So this is it. I really want to make things clear because it seems you
have been completely misinterpreting this 1-year old thread. Anyway
you are free to choose and we still thank you for all what you have
done until now. But just consider things with their proper meaning.


ZeMarmot open animation film

ZeMarmot open animation film

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