Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP testing cooperation

On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 10:15 AM, Sam Gleske wrote:

We know of the disk usage issue:
That's one of the many issues which triggered us into either looking
for alternative solutions or collaboration or whatever you want.
Basically we want something which works, is useful and reliable. The
"need" stops there.

After, which software is it using? I think we don't really care. Now
obviously we'd prefer our whole infrastructure to run on Free
Software. And personally I like self-hosting for full control. But
then there is reality check: it requires contributor time and
administration skills. So in the end, the CI contributor(s) choose. In
the GIMP team, our policy is more or less that the one who *do* are
the one who are in charge of what they do.

Since I don't appear to be seen as a contributor or "doer" I'm happy to
just step down completely and remove myself from the project.  Much as I
like GIMP I don't really like the tone of the thread.


Please help me understand something.

You don't read the mailing list often enough to have participated in
the discussion back in February. Well, OK. Life happens. But now that
you have the time to read it, you somehow arrive at the conclusion
that you are not seen as contributor/doer?

How did you arrive at this conclusion exactly? And what is this
overreaction good for?

All _I_ know is that you are the person who has been maintaining
Jenkins for the past several years. Sounds like a contributor to _me_.


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