[Gimp-developer] Exposure clamping.

Hello there. I made a simple test in Gimp 2.9.6 commit c97c2fe06d.

I created a 32bits floating point, lineal light Gamma, new archive. I select 50% RGB gray color and fill everything. I applied a Exposure of 10 to it.

Now, I took the color picker and click on image. It says:

If 0.21 is the middle gray for lineal middle gray of sRGB...

2^10= 1024
1024*0.21= *215*

... but GIMP says: 21,4.

Why is it clamped at +- 6.7 stops?

What if I want to edit an EXR from Blender?

Thanks in advance.

Marionetas Mey

Mario Sottile - Director
(011) 15.6283.1576
info mariomey com ar

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