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Hello devs!

A few little doubts in simmetry painting.

1) having both horizontal and vertical mirror simmetry painting that you
can enable individually and at the same time, what is for the central
simmetry for?

Well have you tried? If you have an horizontal and a vertical
symmetry, you get 3 points, very often you want a fourth one (the
central symmetry). But I have not made it automatic since maybe not.
Who knows? I know other software would imply the central symmetry if
you do horizontal + vertical, but I don't see this as that obvious.
Also you may also want only the central symmetry.

2) what is "disable brush transform" for?

Copying an answer I made a few day ago:

When you transform the drawing, the brush itself will end up
transformed as well. For instance, in a mirror transform, not only
will your drawing on the right of the canvas be mirrored on the left,
but the brush itself is obviously "flipped" on the left.
If for some reason, you wanted the drawn lines to be mirrored (or
other transformation) but not the brush outline itself, you could
check this box.

For obvious reason, you won't see it with symmetrical brushes though.
That's likely why you don't see the effect because many default
brushes are symmetrical.




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