Re: [Gimp-developer] Please migrate to GitHub/CMake

On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 12:31 PM, Ivano Arrighetta
<berserk82 ia gmail com> wrote:
I would like to suggest to migrate to GitHub for version control, and to
use CMake for creating build projects for Windows and Mac OS, other than
Makefiles for *nix.

If cmake (or perhaps meson ?) truely is so easy
to use and provides big benefits, a patch that should be simple to
make that uses this or a script that automigrates contents from
autofoo files demonstrating the cross platform and building benefits
would be appreciated. Until the proof of concept is better than what
we currently have the incentive to switch to something requiring more
work for transitioning is unlikely.

GitHub also offers a WebSite builder and a Wiki for each repository,
other than an issue tracker.

The GNOME project which hosts GIMP (and related projects) source code
and issue trackers are considering changes to which
software/infrastructure these are hosted on, GIMP and related projects
will likely follow along + if and when such infrastructure migration
happens. Personally I would look forward to better bug/issue reporting
and tracking, as bugzilla has evolved I think it contains too many
mystery fields and drop-downs that confuse rather than guide the issue
tracking progress.


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