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Actually, it would ve lovely to have nightly appimage builds on


16 июня 2017 г. 20:00 пользователь "Carmelo DrRaw" <aferrero1975 gmail com>

Dear gimp developers and enthusiasts,

since a while I am working on a AppImage package for GIMP 2.9.x, built
from the latest git versions of BABL/GEGL/GIMP.

After quite some improvements by trial-and-error, I think that the package
is now ready to be used and tested by a wider audience.

The compilation and creation of the AppImage package is automated via bash
and jhbuild, and the whole set of scripts and configuration files is
available on GitHub: <>
I am currently building the AppImage on a Linux Mint 17 system, but
theoretically anyone should be able to create the package using the
provided scripts…
Most of the dependencies are compiled from sources, so that they do not
depend on what is available/installed on the system used for building the

The main advantages of using an AppImage are:
* the software uses its own bundled libraries, so that the execution
environment is well defined and can be more recent than what is installed
on the host system
* no installation needed, just download and run
* you can have several versions in parallel

The latest version of the AppImage is available for testing here: <

Would there be any interest from the GIMP team to make such a package
officially available from the GIMP web site?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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