[Gimp-developer] Another thank you from a new fan

Hey folks. Welcome back from Wilber Week. I had some nice comments
from a student of mine who has taken up GIMP after I taught her how to
get started using it for her artwork. She will be making commercial
products with it, as I do, and I asked her to write up a quick summary
of what she said to me in person.

So here it is, another thankyou letter from artists inspired by the
work you all put into GIMP, and of course, my thanks as usual. :)

Quote: from Anna Tong, illustrator, who works with watercolours -
So the first thing I love about Gimp (an obvious one I guess!) is that
it's free. I just find it so enabling and it has really allowed me to
make headway with my designs. I can't get over the fact that it is
free. Just fantastic.

I also like how it does follow quite a few similar tools on other
platforms, like the clone tool etc. which I recall from Photoshop, as
well as layering, and the colour sampling tool etc. I love how you can
open several files at once and switch back and forth (I can't recall
doing that on Photoshop but maybe I didn't know how).

At the moment I'm using it as a bit of a cross between Illustrator and
Photoshop. I take photos of my paintings and cut them out on Gimp and
rearrange them and then tweak them and draw bits here and there. It's
allowed me to play with colours and arrangements.

Hope this is enough, let me know if you need more! Please thank them
on my behalf!

Regards and thanks for all you do.

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