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On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 08:20:55PM +0100, Ofnuts wrote:

I have nothing against DarkTable, RawTherapee, or Photozone - but
they are all different and set up to do things their own way.  For
somebody who mainly uses the gimp, ufraw or nufraw seem to have a
much less steep learning-curve.

Yes, but they have much more complete processing.

But this is a gimp list - I have no problem with using different
tools, but it takes a long time before a user can see how well they
support what that user wishes to do.

But some of that is the difference between people taking good photos
on good equipment, and a hacker taking snatched photos on "adequate"
equipment.  For example, in many of my W/A shots I have to correct
visible barrel distortion (subjects with a straight line in the
outer part of the view) and with zoom lenses I find that using the
gimp's lens distortion filter I can correct this with a negative
value in the first (main) field, but that value may differ between
shots taken at different times with the same recorded EXIF focal
length.  It's all horses for courses.

These days one uses the lensfun library that has correction data for most
cameras and lenses (and you can create your own calibration data if needed).
This  is faster and more accurate than eyeballing a correction. Gimp may
have a lensfun plugin now,  but these apps all know how to use it natively.

I tried lensfun when it was first an option in ufraw, at that time
it had nothing for me.  But my main comments are apropos my
panasonic - I have the impression that perhaps the elements can move
slightly, particularly if the camera is tilted, and in any case the
*reported* focal lengths are discrete - perhaps it does zoom in a
series of steps, but my experience is that different photos need
different adjustments from the norm.

So, for me manual correction is the only way.  If the automatic
correction works for you and your cameras, be happy.

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