[Gimp-developer] Using Gimp 2.8

I am new to programand I am puzzled by the conversion I had to do in order to open the files I hadbuploaded.  
 I shot photos on the RAW setting on my camera. N70 Nikon. I wanted ti ability to make corrections so that is 
why I opted for that setting. I noticed they uploaded as NEF files but they were not readily available for 
viewing so  I then converted to JPEG using GIMP 2.8.  Now my inquiry is this. Why are the files all grainy 
/noisy? They appear as basically thumb print and when i tried changing the resolution in the GIMP 2.8 the 
photos still had very noticeable noise. Very pixelated. Annoyed i kept persistent to my task. To no avail. I 
need to upload said photos to a website Shutterfly for a book I  am putting together for a dear friend. Is 
there anything I can do with GIMP 2.8 that would allow for better results? Shutterfly gives me an error code 
that the NEF files are not acceptable and I have tried diligently to fix my dilemma. Can you kindly advise 
me? Perhaps there is away to go around this and end up with actual good quality resolution so that the book 
can be made? Unfortunately re-shooting is not an option. I live a state away from where I was taking photos. 
Any advice would be greatly helpful. Kindest Regards Dphotogirl

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