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You can use the paths tool (hotkey b) to draw a shape, then do a "stroke

You can also make a circular or rectangular selection and drag a colour
into it to fill the selection to make a solid shape.

That said, if you find you are doing this a lot, I recommend Inkscape, as
it's not only easy to make shapes in the manner you are wanting, but also
allows resizing and other modifications without pixelisation/blurring the

Until gimp fully supports vector layers, it will always be a bit of a hack
to get what you want.

Hope it helps.

On 27 Aug 2017 19:01, "Paul Naudé" <paulnaude01 gmail com> wrote:


I am an everyday user of GIMP (awesome, awesome product - wish I could
program to help but you guys rock) and have just one suggestion to add:

I still often need to use MS Paint, to quickly add something like a block,
line or circle. Unless I am unaware of a plug in for this purpose, it would
be great if GIMP could do that too (just these basic things so I can remove
Paint from my taskbar altogether ;-)
[image: Inlynprent 1]

My permanent taskbar shortcuts:

[image: Inlynprent 2]


Paul Naudé
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