Re: [Gimp-developer] Enhanced smudge tool : Smudge with painting

Agree. I also hope that someone could suggest a better name because English is not my native language. The names can be discussed.

The UI texts I added:
No erasing effect
tooltip: Never decrease alpha of existing pixels
tooltip: The amount of brush color to blend
tooltip: The strength of smudging

About the name "Flow", the main problem I met is if I gave a new name, it had to be added to paint dynamics too. (Without dynamics this parameter has little use.) In that experiment I just picked a parameter not used by smudge for quick implementing (Flow is only used by Airbrush now). And I thought the word "Flow" was somewhat reasonable here, like the amount of pigment in water color.

Not sure witch way is better, use the name "Flow" and explain it in a tooltip, rename it and consider the compatibility with Airbrush, or add a new parameter to dynamics.


Talk about a experience I learned GIMP. "Rate" is another parameter not used by all paint tools. Airbrush, Smudge, and Convolve use it but have different meanings and have no tooltips in current version of GIMP. I got comfused until I realized that they have different meanings. But the paint dynamics system might become too complex if 3 different parameters were used. So I think exactly naming will have drawbacks in paint dynamics, but a good tooltip can help.


About the boolean toggle, set Flow=0 will disable finger-painting and acts as original smudge tool. I think a toggle and a scale control are a little more complex than a scale control only. Just my opinion.

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