Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP license from the GIMP team ?

Why just gimp? Why not include Inkscape, & Scribus, etc. and call it Remote
Design Studio (RDS) for short?

Just a thought.

On 4 Apr 2017 7:48 a.m., "Simon Budig" <simon budig de> wrote:

Hi Miguel.

Entertainment Mobile wrote:
My understanding is that GIMP trademark and logo is free to use
according to GPL. However Google Team says that I must have the GIMP
team permission in order to use the word "GIMP" in the app name. Do
you know how we could obtain the GIMP team permissions to include the
word GIMP in the app name taking into account that our app provides
access to a GIMP desktop app ?

Well, asking the GIMP team here is a good start.  :)

Personally I consider it a bit misleading to include the name "GIMP"
into a remote desktop app that happens to be used to connect to a remote

The User Experience for this kind of application will always be tricky,
since GIMP is designed for the desktop and is not really adjusted to the
Android UI.

I would prefer to reserve the name "GIMP" for an app that uses gimp's
technology with a suitable UI layer. While we currently don't have any
plans to do this it might happen in the future.

I appreciate your efforts and your enthusiasm for gimp, but please try
to find a different name for your application.

Thank you,
              simon budig de    
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