[Gimp-developer] GIMP license from the GIMP team ?

Hi all,
I have developed an Android application that provide GIMP via  a remote connection to a server where GIMP 
desktop app is running.I want to include the word GIMP in the app name and in the app description but I am 
not sure it there is a GIMP trademark that states restrictions about it. An app name like RemoteGIMP or 
vncGIMP or Image editor for GIMP ... 
My understanding is that GIMP trademark and logo is free to use according to GPL. However Google Team says 
that I must have the GIMP team permission in order to use the word "GIMP" in the app name. Do you know how we 
could obtain the GIMP team permissions to include the word GIMP in the app name taking into account that our 
app provides access to a GIMP desktop app ?

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