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To developers of GIMP:

*Process or batch editing - Barrel distortion*
I detected something that I think could help significantly large number of

Almost all do photos to documents with the mobile phone, and we also
thought of using a camera installed permanently for it, being much faster
than the scanner table. But we found that the pictures are distorted,
generally convex, whether we do with a smartphone or a traditional camera.

Many smartphone apps include automatic document edge detection, but have
not found any way to correct lens distortion (barrel distortion). This is a
very serious problem when we take pictures of planes, which are
invalidated, or when we want to take pictures of any image that must remain
correctly proportioned.

GIMP itself that corrects barrel distortion quickly and easily using a
filter, but only when a single image editing. Unfortunately, you can not do
that function working in batches, when I think that developers would be
simpler than the batch also included that role, assigning a group of photos
-made with a fixed camera one correction (Example: "Barrel distortion -
Main: - 22 ")

*I request that you make every effort to include this feature among
supported in batch editing.*

*Thank you* for providing such an *excellent program!!!*

GIMP isn't the right tool for the job.  You'd be a lot better off
using darktable or rawtherapee, which are designed for batch
processing, for that purpose.  Both of these tools work on JPEGs as
well as RAW files, and if you're always using the same lens at the
same focal length (with the same distortion characteristics) you can
save the parameters and easily apply them to more shots in the future.
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