[Gimp-developer] Gimp standalone C apps

Dear Gimp developers.

Is it possible to re-use Gimp-functionality in own C-code? I have already a image processing pipeline and 
want to just apply to my image bitmap GIMP_TYPE_BRIGHTNESS_CONTRAST_CONFIG in ope of pipline's stages.

Is it possible to convert bitmap to drawable and put in into this code (as in ?gimp/app/pdb/color-cmds.c):

          GObject *config = g_object_new (GIMP_TYPE_BRIGHTNESS_CONTRAST_CONFIG,
                                          "brightness", brightness / 127.0,
                                          "contrast",   contrast   / 127.0,

          gimp_drawable_apply_operation_by_name (drawable, progress,
                                                 C_("undo-type", "Brightness-Contrast"),

Is it any examples of standalone apps, which are using Gimp functionality?



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