[Gimp-developer] Fixing scripts used for Windows build under Linux/MinGW-w64


I am currently fixing this "grab_stuff.sh" script -

It needed line 9 adjusting to REPO="openSUSE_42.1" and now it downloads
stuff. It can't find some packages which is easily fixed by using
https://software.opensuse.org/search ... but somewhat perplexing is the
inclusion of mingw32 packages seemingly due to what is from line 235 of
"download-mingw-rpm.py" ...

  if options.makezip or options.metadata:
    package = _findPackage(args[0]) #if args[0].endswith('.rpm')
    if package == None: package = _findPackage("mingw32-"+args[0],
    if package == None: package = _findPackage("mingw64-"+args[0],

Thinking of forcing only w64 packages which seem to be available, but is
there some reason that the build has to happen with some mingw32 packages ?


Barney Holmes

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