[Gimp-developer] Point-and-click tool to create guides?

Hello there,

I wonder if the idea of a point-and-click tool to create guides could
be a good one?

The idea there is to directly create guides with a minimum number of
clicks in order to speed up a production process. It is based upon my
(long, subjective and perfectible) experience w/ the Gimp 2.x.

The way of doing it could be, for instance: in one click you pick the
create-guide tool from the side dock, then you click on the image:
it creates a horizontal or vertical guide at this click's x or y -
horizontal or vertical axis could be determined using ctrl or shift
modifier. Clicking in the margin (outside the layer boundary) could be
even more intuitive, up/down margin to create vertical guides,
left/right to create horizontal ones, still for instance. While moving
the mouse pointer with this tool, a "live" guide shadow could be
displayed, in order to provide a visual clue about the guide location
that you validate when you click to create it.

Any thought?



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