Re: [Gimp-developer] Ctrl-clicking your way to a new layer mask

I'll bring up the convention again if it isn't. It would be a big time
saver, and would largely negate the need for a dialogue to choose what kind
of mask you want.
This is important to improve and speed workflow. Everyone's busy trying to
get things ready for the long awaited release, so new features are not
taking top priority for now.

It's a good idea, so thanks for your work.


On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 2:05 PM, [Ben] <draekko software gmail com> wrote:

@C R > The patch only adds a way to add the same options that already
exist for adding layer masks  but using the mouse/keyboard to make sure you
can do so quickly. So far i think don't the powers that be will be adding
it in as they seem adverse to the idea so you'll have to compile it in
yourself. I'll keep the ideas in mind if i have more time to revisit this
for some lonely rainy weekend :)

On 03/12/2016 07:07 AM, C R wrote:

I've updated the patch to make white the default initial mask setting
and switched to ctrl-shift clicking (configurable through the masks
preference) and added ctrl-alt shift click to bring up the dialog when
needed. As always clicking on the image with either key combination will
add or remove the mask for that layer.

Sounds cool! Recommend this:

1. If there is a selection active in the layer, automatically add a layer
mask with the selected area white, and the rest black.

2. If there is no selection active, make the mask layer black

3. If everything in the layer is selected make the mask layer white

This is based on the unifying idea that what you have selected is what
you want to make a mask out of, which is nearly always the case, and will
save having to choose it out of the layer menu over and over... and over
again. :) Note that this is also how quick-mask works, and is why it's set
up this way.

Nice work, and I look forward to using the addition!


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