Re: [Gimp-developer] Ctrl-clicking your way to a new layer mask

I've updated the patch to make white the default initial mask setting and
switched to ctrl-shift clicking (configurable through the masks preference)
and added ctrl-alt shift click to bring up the dialog when needed. As
always clicking on the image with either key combination will add or remove
the mask for that layer.

Sounds cool! Recommend this:

1. If there is a selection active in the layer, automatically add a layer
mask with the selected area white, and the rest black.

2. If there is no selection active, make the mask layer black

3. If everything in the layer is selected make the mask layer white

This is based on the unifying idea that what you have selected is what you
want to make a mask out of, which is nearly always the case, and will save
having to choose it out of the layer menu over and over... and over again.
:) Note that this is also how quick-mask works, and is why it's set up this

Nice work, and I look forward to using the addition!



On 12/30/2015 08:01 PM, Ben wrote:

I've made a patch to add the ability to add or remove a layer mask by
ctrl-clicking the layer image, the patch can be found here so far it hasn't
gotten much traction :) So i'm trying different place to get the news
out :)

Also I have now made a video to show off how much faster and in my
opinion easier way of having a better control of the layer mask for
those times where having a keyboard shortcut is impossible. The video
shows usage of ctrl-clicking to add or remove a layer mask for any
given layer and how to set a default type or use of the dialog
instead. Video is here


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