Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.9 XCF files and digiKam, gnome file browsers, etc

On 03/15/2016 09:52 AM, Kevin Payne wrote:
And just for the sake of pointless change, in 2.9.3.??? It's Preferences>>System Resources

Thumbnail creation is controlled by the "Image Thumbnails" option on Preferences>>Environment

Presumably on a Linux system they are saved in ~/.thumbnails (On my Windows system it's 
C:\Users\username\.thumbnails )


Kevin, thanks! That provided a clue as to where the thumbnails might be. I think they are being saved to "tmp" and so erased upon restarting the computer.

Earlier today I saw the folder ".thumbnails" in my home folder. It contained two subfolders, one called "large" and I forget what the other one was called. Using Geeqie to take a look, there were a bunch of pngs inside, I'm guessing from files that I worked with a long time ago. I put this folder in the trash as the contents were useless.

I started GIMP 2.9 and opened a file. The dolphin file browser shows a newly created folder called ".thumbnails" in my home folder, with one subfolder called "large". GIMP created thumbnails for the XCF files that I clicked on, but nothing was saved to the folder "/home/elle/.thumbnails/large". As far as I could tell no other new folder was created anywhere in my home folder.

Here are my System Resources settings:

Image Thumbnails: Size of thumbnails: Large, Maximum filesize for thumbnailing: 512MB.

Document History "Keep record of used files in the Recent Documents list" is checked.

The "Document History" setting doesn't actually sound relevant. Is it?

On a hunch, I checked the "tmp" folder. It seems that this is where the GIMP thumbnails are being saved to "disk". But the tmp folder on my computer is actually only in RAM, and all the files disappear when the computer is restarted.

So is there some setting in Preferences that I accidentally might have set, that tells GIMP 2.9 to save the thumbnails to "tmp" instead of to ".thumbnails"?


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