[Gimp-developer] GSoC/Outreachy 2016


I am a student from Constantine 2 university, Algeria. I have been a
Gimp user for nearly ten years, and I got interested, more recently, in
its development and more generally in open source work. After
successfully building gimp, I have been going through the code and
trying to solve some issues, though I can't say I am very successful
for the time being, as it takes some time for me to understand both the
object system and the transformation algorithms.

As it is already this time of the year, I have taken a look at
organizations for Google Summer of Code or Outreachy programs, and it
seems Gimp isn't a part of it this year.

My question is: would it be acceptable to submit a proposal to work on
gimp through another related organization (like Gnome project?). If
yes, which ones? I am aware there has to be mentors available for each
project, so I thought asking directly would be better.  

As I have been lurking in the community for some weeks, it seemed to me
that the main needs right now are the porting of Gimp
filters/operations to GEGL, and solving some usability issues. More
generally, I went through this page a few times http://wiki.gimp.org/wi
ki/Hacking:GSoC/Future/Ideas, and I would be very grateful to have the
input of more experimented developers on which ideas are the more
relevant right now to work on (not necessarily in an internship
program). Any kind of advices would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance for your inputs!

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