Re: [Gimp-developer] Previous eMail Concern

Am 10.01.2016 um 19:37 schrieb Anonymized Name Surname:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hi Anonymized Name Surname,

A while ago, I wrote an eMail to you regarding a sponsorship request.
You denied the request which I respect. What I do not respect
however, is that the email has been posted on the internet which
violates my privacy and you would agree with me if you were in this
same situation. 

This refers to

You did post to a public mailing list (just like now). It is expected to
have such mails published publicly.

I was described as “untrustworthy” and that I am “not
passionate for graphic designing” which you had no right to say as I
was only a new designer and I was still working on new skills and
techniques. Moreover, you do not know me well enough to speak such
words. If you had actually met me and seen what sort if person I was,
you would the disagree with your previous remarks.

And this most likely refers to the last mesage on the gimpusers forum:

gimpusers.* is a third-party site, and not connected to the GIMP developers.

Someone there decided to user a user name that appears to give them an
official standing within the GIMP community:

We've got no idea who this is (a "Jeff" is unknown to us) - and stuff
like this is one of the reasons why that forum <-> mail bridge is put on

I am sorry if I offended you previously but the eMail i sent was
friendly and only a request not a forceful demand.

I have written to you today to request for you to remove these posts
from the Internet due to the exposure of my privacy and for the false
remarks written within it which do now show a true light of who I

We can't remove it from gimpusers, you have to contact the maintainers
of this site: , via the gimpusers.* footer

You are lucky in a way, due to the forum<->mail moderation this message
didn't make actual gimp-user mailing list and thus didn't make it the
numerous archies of said list, either. One there, it would be impossible
to remove from the web.

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