Re: [Gimp-developer] 30 second video for the GIMP project: New features & work from the past year


thanks for your offer!

On  6.1.2016 at 8:13 PM C R wrote:

What I need: A list of your favourite new features in GIMP (developed in
the last year, or that will be finished and/or working by the date of LGM
in April).

My favs are:
- improvements in color management and high bit depth color support,
as they show that GIMP is a serious tool for professional work.
I haven't tested them thoroughly yet, so some more testing and
stabilizing might be necessary until LGM.
- UI improvements, such as the new professional theme.
- The unified transform tool (UTT) and the the handle transform tool.
In my local tests on OS X the UTT's performance was a bit slow yet, so
there might be performance improvements necessary.

Secondly I think if we had such a video at LGM we should negotiate and
provide a 2.9.4. release with working builds for Windows, OS X and
Linux at LGM, so people would be able to play with GIMP's new
capabilities after the video made them curious and hungry.



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