[Gimp-developer] 30 second video for the GIMP project: New features & work from the past year

Okay, so there was not enough interest in doing the interview montage, so
I'm back-burnering that one. :)

So instead, let's show them what's new in GIMP!
I am doing a brief video commercial for the GIMP project with updates from
the last year. So what are you favourite GIMP features/progress.

This will replace the "two slides" at LGM, with something much more swish
and polished to show off the hard work that's been done in GIMP over the
last year (starting from or around April last year).

What I need: A list of your favourite new features in GIMP (developed in
the last year, or that will be finished and/or working by the date of LGM
in April).

I will combine them with mine and submit a video (after showing to everyone
on this mailing list and #gimp to make sure we have all the facts right.


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