[Gimp-developer] [Newbie]Would like to contribute


I've never posted since my presentation a few months ago, because of a
big lack of time (school, work, etc...). But now I have (a little) spare
time to give a hand on Gimp. :)

I am a student in IT and more precisely as C/C++ dev' at Epitech Lyon,
so I can work on correction of bugs, and I like too to write
documentation, articles, and translation.

I heard that the big plan for now is porting every possible thing into
GEGL, and that there was some work to do on the wiki. I'd love to do
everything but I know I can't ;) And the fact is that I don't really
know where to start, if someone could guide me for the firsts steps that
would be awesome :D

By the way, I really love the new website!

Have a nice day,

Kevin Pellet (/Ilphrin/)
ilphrin autistici org

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