Re: [Gimp-developer] Plans to resolve hotkey conflicts?

I mean, I really don't care as long as it's consistent, and it never has
been in the past, for as long as I have used GIMP.

I should be able to hit a sequence of hotkeys to get to sub menu items, and
doing it again should get me to the same function each and every time I
perform them.

Reducing the number of hotkeys necessary to do each action would be nice,
but I'll take consistency over less keys any day because it takes longer to
see and figure out which overlaping mnemonic gtk decided to randomly choose
this time. It may seem like a small thing but it's really crippling to

Thanks for your help.

I think this would be the better fix. But then what of this case:
- 'a' is mnemonic for 'submenu 1'
- 'a' is mnemonic for 'item 1' under 'submenu 1'
- 'a' is mnemonic for 'item 2' (same level as submenu 1)

Hitting 'a' highlight 'submenu 1'. Should hitting again 'a' highlight
'item 2' on the same level or enter inside 'submenu 1' and highlight
'item 1'?
Of course, if hitting right arrow is mandatory to go inside the
submenu, that's not a problem, but since you felt it was a problem
earlier, I just wanted to raise the issue.

Second issue is that you usually want to have an item be directly run
(and not just highlighted) when it is a finale item. Otherwise should
we also hit Enter to activate?

Can this behaviour be fixed?

Everything can be done, but since that's in GTK+:

- GTK+ devs must agree with the change of behavior.
- This cannot be for GIMP 2.10 because GTK+ is stable and don't accept
new features/change of behavior. Also GTK+3 itself just went stable so
that means it probably won't be doable for GIMP 3 even.



On 17 Dec 2016 4:38 am, "Jehan Pagès" <jehan marmottard gmail com> wrote:


On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 11:10 AM, C R <cajhne gmail com> wrote:
Thanks Alex.

And I'm still getting overlaping hotkeys with:

Ok so it seems you are talking of something different from what
Alexandre linked. This commit was about duplicate shortcuts. You are
talking about what GTK+ calls "mnemonics", which is this underlined
character on menu items or buttons. This commit did indeed nothing
related to mnemonics.

I don't really know what is the deal with mnemonics because that's a
real mess by design. Indeed having duplicated mnemonics is hard to
check since a same action can be used in various contexts (different
menus, dialogs…). In one case, it may be fine, but in others, it

I think I read someone saying that maybe GTK+ would be getting away
from mnemonics in the long run but I can't find any actual reference
to this (apart from the fact that it is not possible to see them by
default in GTK+3 apparently, without pressing Alt). So I don't know.

s - Hue/Saturation, Colourise

That's another case which shows the problem with mnemonics: by
default, the label is "Colori_ze" (with a mnemonic on 'z'), but the
translator changed it to 's' (obviously you are using UK English). So
there is no conflicts in US English, but there is one in UK English.
This is too much of a burden on translators to be able to change
mnemonics (so should they be expected to check every place where they
are used, as well as developers?).

Anyway I don't really have good answers for you. You can try and open
bug reports for the conflicts you find and we'll try to fix them. But
we likely won't be 100% sure that we won't create new mnemonics
conflicts somewhere else by fixing them in this specific menu. And the
ones on translated strings will be even more annoying. Maybe we should
ask translators to not change mnemonics even when the translation does
not have the letter? (they would add a "(z)" at the end of the string.
That's what they do in languages with indirect input like Japanese,
though it could feel like a stepback for a lang such as UK English)


e - Desaturate, Color Temperature
x - Exposure, Retinex

I'm running the gimp-edge repo.
The current one is:
gimp 2.9.5~58-0y0~ppa~9f15ad6

It also seems there is a bug that forces the user to press the over
arrow to access the hotkeys for sub-menus.
For example, the key combination alt+c > e > d should call up the
desaturate dialog, but the user must use this combination instead:
alt+c > e > right arrow > d.

Is this possibly a GTK bug?
All the styling on the new menus looks great btw.


On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 9:14 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine
<alexandre prokoudine gmail com> wrote:
On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 11:46 AM, C R wrote:
The Colour menu has again become a mess of conflicting hotkeys.
Can someone reassign/resolve them?

Probably a good idea to get rid of some of the duplicate functions
like "drop shadow" and the proliferation of duplicate desaturate
actions. :)

Done three weeks ago:

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