Re: [Gimp-developer] Need help for gegl translation

Hi Julien,

I'm not in front of the reference right now, but from the context you've
provided it appears Vis would be shorthand for visibility. I'd guess that's
dealing with some layer order drawing rules.

Aux pad is an auxiliary input to the gegl chain. If you envision the
tree-like structure connecting processing elements, the Aux pad wouldn't be
connected along the main input / output line. Instead it could be from
anywhere in the pipeline (including an independent element or self
sufficient generator like white noise) . Pad is a synonym for the
connection point which comes from circuit board terminology.

50% gray is a color reference that is standard terminology in image
processing. Because we as humans don't perceive contrast linearly, 50% gray
does not correspond to the midpoint of the color scale (e.g. 127/255 if you
were in 8-bits). You can read a bit more about it here:

Hope that helps!


On Aug 27, 2016 5:31 AM, "Julien Hardelin" <jhardlin orange fr> wrote:

To translate gegl correctly, I need to understand. And I don't understand
well some strings, not finding explanations on the Web:

-/"how wide peel off bands for ink order vis"/

What is "vis"?

- "/Do a chain of operations, with key=value pairs after each operation
name to "//
//"set properties. And aux=[ source filter ] for specifying a chain with a
//"source as something connected to an aux pad."/

"aux pad" : auxiliary tablet computer?

- /"Changes the light level and contrast. This operation operates in
linear "//
//"light, 'contrast' is a scale factor around 50%% gray, and 'brightness'
a "//
//"constant offset to apply after contrast scaling."/

"50%% gray": 50%?

I hope I don't disturb you too much.

Julien Hardelin

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