Re: [Gimp-developer] New functionality request

Le 01/08/2016 à 12:15, Alexandre Prokoudine a écrit :

Yes, Luminance HDR can use the alignment tool from Hugin. Which means
you have to have Hugin installed, if you need that feature. We cannot
demand that from our users.

Ok but may be we can have a fork of this algorithm integrated to gimp. With
this, no more hugin installation is needed, wright ?

A native function (or maybe a GEGL op?) would come in handy in quite a
few cases, including exposure combination (whenever someone writes UI
for that GEGL tool).

I'm sorry but I'm a simple user and I don't know what is GEGL. sorry :-/

   Patches are welcome

Sure, but my problem is I don't know writing code. As I said, I'm just a
user. I talk about gimp around me the most I can. But that is my only

I ask this new feature here because I read somewhere on the bug tracker that
is better to ask for a new functionality here. Sorry if I'm wrong.

I use gimp for photography and very often on video, guys show how to do
something or something else with Photoshop. And very often this function is
called. So I'm not able to reproduce.

It let me two solutions :
- going back on Photoshop
- asking for this function on Gimp.

And I really, but really, don't want to going back on Photoshop.



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