Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP crashes at changing of theme

Alexander Rabtchevich writes:
Grey icons from small theme become undistinguishable to me - they do not
have enough contrast between background and image.

Kevin Payne writes:
Can you be more specific about which Icon Theme you are having the low contrast problem with and what your 
system colours are, as the Small Theme will use your system colours there is no way to know which Icon 
Theme is going to work best for you.

I have that problem with the Symbolic icons with all the Light or
Lighter themes. When I first switched my initial reaction was "Why
are all the Toolbox icons greyed out?!" Once I realized they weren't
greyed out, they looked like that all the time, I tried to work with
them, but I found that I really couldn't see the differences and had
to hover over each icon to wait for the tooltip. Fortunately there
are the Color and Legacy icon theme options.

The Dark themes seem to have much more contrast, with Symbolic
icons, than any of the Light themes. I think the dark themes would
be usable, but they don't go well with the rest of my desktop.

Another question about theme switching: every time I switch themes,
my toolbox resizes to four icons across, so small that tooltips has
to show a horizontal scrollbar for most tools. It has to be six
icons across to avoid a scrollbar, and I always have to resize it
larger after switching themes. Is this intentional, or should I file
it as a bug?


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