Re: [Gimp-developer] Hello Gimp Developers, From Abby Beal re: questions about download for Windows, some items missing

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 6:21 AM, Abigail Beal wrote:
Hello Gimp Developers,

First, I'd like to say Thank You. I am new to Gimp but understand this is a
volunteer run program. I have only seen a bit of the software but think it
is great!

I am contacting you with a question. I downloaded Gimp using the orange
button on the site, for Windows. But when I started using a YouTube
tutorial to learn some techniques, I started to realize that some things
were missing. I then un-installed and then re-installed the software three
or four times. So I thought it was best to contact you, I'm sorry, maybe
I'm not understanding something or need assistance.

The 2nd Tools Toolbar (one at the bottom) does not show up.

The Layers Toolbar (to the right) does not show up.

My selection of Fonts in the Tools also does not show up. I have one Font.

I started to do one beginner's tutorial so I'll admit I don't know if there
are other things. But this is what I've noticed.

Any advice on how I can best install the program?

Hello Abby,

You can make GIMP show any dialogs you like where you like them. This
is why people customize GIMP and lot and this is why GIMP in a video
online might not look exactly like default GIMP on your display.

Please read this:

Also, if you see that toolbar and dialogs disappeared, it's probably
because you accidentally pressed Tab button. Try pressing it again.


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