[Gimp-developer] WGO Front page copy, Features, and Screenshots

Hi all!

So I'm at a point where we can start looking more seriously at the copy
text on the front page, a "Features" page, and a "Screenshots" page.

Copy Text & Features

The copy text on the four sections can desperately use a re-write.  These
are the old placeholders I put up a long time ago to have some content and
idea in those locations (see the phrase: "High Quality" to see what I
mean).  I don't think the Photo section is too bad, but the others are
honestly just placeholders...  Does anyone have some ideas?  Even just what
should or shouldn't be mentioned in those sections?

They are also supposed to be short on purpose.  My original intention
(which I still think might be a good idea), was to have each section
contain a link to a page that would further explain/demonstrate how GIMP
can be used for that topic (Photo, Design, Art, Algos).  This is the page
where some nice screenshots and focused feature listing that applies to
that task could be built.

I was imaging that each topic section would contain an offset text/link
that would say something along the lines of "See how ->" or "See more ->",

So the thought I'm having is a total of 5 new pages to the site that will
be one link deep from the front page:

1. Features
    An overview page of various features we would like to highlight.  I
know that Alex had some thoughts around this, and possibly even already
started something?  If not I'll put the skeleton of the page up soon and
maybe try to list a few thoughts of mine about what we should show off.
 (We do have an existing "Features" page: http://www.gimp.org/features/ but
I'm not sure if it's something we want to keep?)

2. HQ Photo Features
3. Art Creation Features
4. Graphic Design Features
5. Programming/Extensibility Features (Algos?)

    Each of those sections will focus on features of GIMP that are helpful
to those workflows.  I like the idea of focusing on workflow related tasks
vs. individual features in isolation.  I think it tends to showcase how
things get done/created with GIMP (vs. devolving into a feature comparison

These links would live on the existing sections in some way.


The old screenshots page was ported over with the old site content:


I have a few more to add thanks to Alex.  Does this page still look ok to
everyone?   Are there other screenshots or views that we can (should) add?
Please consider either listing them here, or even better, attaching them!

Should I add a section on the front page pointing users to a "Screenshots"
page?  Or would a more complete "Features" page fulfill what we want to
accomplish + more?  I feel like a more complete "Features" set of pages
will accomplish the same thing as screenshots, but I've been known to be
really, really wrong in the past.

If I were to add a specific "Screnshots" section on the homepage, any
thoughts about where?  Before or after the core values?


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