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On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 10:49 PM, Pat David <patdavid gmail com> wrote:
We had a meeting today on #gimp-web around what needs to be done to the new
site (SGO) as we transition to replace the old one (WGO).

As promised, a few more notes. This is not exhaustive, and I am mostly
focusing on the download page, which is the most important in my
opinion. I may have already told you some of the things below at some
previous points in time. Sorry for the duplicate if that is the case.

== Download Page ==

- BSD and Solaris are *not* GNU/Linux distributions.
Either we replace the link s$GNU/Linux$/UNIX-Like$ (like in the
section title actually!), or we make separate sections for these. I'd
be in favor of the second. This makes these builds feel less like
second-class citizens.
Also it would be cool to have some more details for these other than
just basically "GIMP can run there".

- I don't really see the point of keeping the "All" section by the way.

- Already told earlier, but when an accurate distribution detection is
performed (my case. It perfectly detects Fedora), I would suggest to
hide details for all other distributions (with a link "show
instructions for other GNU/Linux distributions). Right now we are a
little overwhelmed by information.
Of course when a GNU/Linux distribution is detected but the exact
distribution not known (or undetected), show instructions for all
distributions as of now.

- Isn't there repositories with GIMP in Redhat? This is one of the
biggest distributions, especially in corporate world, and it feels a
little sad to not have GIMP official support there. I would assume
they use package management systems similar to Fedora but with their
own (stabler) repositories. No?

- What is the logics for order of names in "Ubuntu, Mint, Debian"? I
would suggest alphabetical order.

- Why do we give checksum for all 2.8 releases? Why not just
checksum(s) for latest release only (we don't want people to install
2.8.0 if possible).
For people who will want to do so, for whatever reason, the checksums
are available in the download server anyway.

- Only Windows has mention of GIMP user manual (other than the link in
the sources section, which means people have to build them from
sources). Yet most Linux distribution will also provide the gimp-help
package. We should add such an information and advise people to also
install help packages from their package manager.
As an example, for Fedora, they can run `dnf install gimp-help` and
`dnf install gimp-help-(ca|da|de|el|en_GB|es|fr|it|ja|ko|nl|nn|pt_BR|ru|sl|sv|zh_CN).

No idea about OSX but obviously if there is similarly an easy way to
install the help pages, let's write it down.

- By the way, can we have a lang detection rather than the full list
of languages available, with a link "show other langs" to display
optionally other lang?

Let's say that's it for now.


The consensus was that there are still a few things to iron out, but that
we should be able to announce the new site in time to coincide with our
20th anniversary on November 21.

I am still soliciting any input that anyone would like to add (bonus points
if you actually use bugzilla to ease the tracking and classification of

This is not a comprehensive list of things I'm working on for the site.
There are still lingering things that I didn't bother to add to the list
(static image asset social link stuff that's being looked at, including
donations links for instance).

Below is the list of items and notes from the meeting (

SGO Pre-Release meeting


   - Tutorials Index - being rebuilt - only Free/Libre content from now on!

   - Not internally linking to old (c) tutorials - but keeping URI's


   - Tutorials - add section on contributing new tutorials (how-to), along

   - message template to send to ML specifying license.

   - Acceptable licenses?

   - GFDL

   - CC-(0|BY)-(SA)? (not accepting NC/ND)

   - Free Art (

   - Create a more detailed "how to contribute a tutorial" section.

   - Consider styling the tutorial list better (date/version/etc?)


   - Art

   - Aryeom is making new download page image + 404 error page image +
   Wilber SVG for tiny icon


Styling (CSS)


   - Header

   - Put the Wilber/GIMP link back in header on index page (Header nav)

   - Footer

   - Distribute single column links across three columns in footer

   - There are two styling ideas currently that are similar,

   - Content pages

   - News Items

   - Need to fix some styling to be consistent between the two.


   - Fonts

   - Change <p> fonts from (Open Sans) weight: 300, color: #777

   - Change to: weight: normal (400), color: #666

      Download button on index page: version numbers are too close and dot
too small. Use better font? (same as the Windows download page buttons for

   -       PD: I'll keep the font and style the spacing a bit better to be
   more clear


   - SSL/https

   - Check internal links for HTTPS

   - Support HTTPS, no redirect for HTTP (allow browsing either protocol)

   - testing branch?

   - Yes - same way it is being used right now.

   - Find a possible way to hook against a tag or branch for automating a
   push into master (after verifying testing)

Transition to (check with schumaml to make this happen)

   - keep old content around

   - move to legacy branch (yes)

   - add read-only (yes)

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