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On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 2:22 PM, Sebastian Wahl <spillerrec hotmail com> wrote:
If we could clarify what is happening and if the GNOME foundation can
indeed help, this would be good.
Looking at the sidebar on the Summary page there is this notice:
Hey, this isn't a SourceForge project! Check out the SourceForge Open
Source Mirror Directory for more information.
It also appears that the account the project page belongs to is
"sf-editor1", and a lot of well known projects are listed on the user page:

Wow you are right. The "full name" of this user is "SourceForge
Editorial Staff".
They are just trying to capitalize on famous projects which left them basically!

I'm also noticing VLC on that list, which abandoned SF as well if memory
serves me right.

The box in the sidebar links to and explains
that they are mirroring popular open-source projects which are not already
on SF or no longer maintained.
The last section claims they want to hear if "you don't want your project
mirrored on our site" and points to the email address:
communityteam sourceforge net
Then again, all they are saying is that they are willing to listen, not
necessarily that they will do anything about it...

Even if they would, I don't think that's enough. Even if they give us
back the control of the account and say "oups sorry, our bad, that was
a mistake", I vote for GIMP to first stop using Sourceforge at all
(and too bad for broken links), do as much noise as possible for other
projects to leave it and stop using it, and maybe more. As others
propose, maybe even legal action through GNOME, though I have no idea
if there is enough ground for this (though there is clear deception,
as well as impersonating our project), since I am no lawyer. So I let
others who know better and have such a power to decide.

But at the very least, we must have them stop distributing GIMP, leave
the platform completely, and make as much noise about it as possible.

I wasn't already subscribed to this mailing-list, so bear with me if I
messed up the addresses or missed some replies which were not yet shown on
the archive page.

And are you now? I received it because I am in direct Cc, but others
have not apparently (according to IRC). Your message is probably in


Sebastian Wahl

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