[Gimp-developer] Gimp plug-ins to GEGL operations

some time has gone since my last plug-in port to GEGL.
I would like to know if some reflections has already been made concerning some technical issues that made 
several plug-ins' ports problematic :

1. Plug-ins that enlarge (or reduce) the drawable size

Currently, Gimp does not take into account the resulting output buffer extent of the gegl operation.

- Filters > Light and Shadow > Drop shadow
- Filters > Map > Tile
- Filters > Distorts > Curve bend

2. Plug-ins that produce a new image (may be optional)

Should these plug-ins stay gimp plug-ins (to be able to create a new image), and use a gegl graph in them to 
apply the related operation ?

- Filters > Map > Tile
- Colors > Info > Smooth palette

3. Plug-ins that use GimpGradient

Being able to give a GimpGradient parameter to a gegl op would provide the ability to modify the gradient 
with the gradient editor,
and have on-canvas preview in the same time. 
I have a wip GradientMapTool that show how useful it could be : 

- Colors > Map > Gradient Map
- Filters > Distorts > Pagecurl
- Filters > Light and Shadow > Gradient Flare
- Filters > Render > Nature > Flame
- Filters > Render > Fractal Explorer

4. Plug-ins that use several previews / some kind of editors

Some plug-ins provide multiple small previews that simply can not be removed without losing an important 
aspect of their functionalities.

- Colors > Filter Pack
- Filters > Render > Pattern > Qbist
- Filters > Render > Fractals > Flame
- Filters > Light and Shadow > Gradient Flare

Thomas Manni

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