Re: [Gimp-developer] sRGB was second worst performer against spectral reference

El mié, 13-05-2015 a las 10:36 +0200, Simon Budig escribió:
Simone Karin Lehmann (simone lisanet de) wrote:
No, the conclusion is quiet easy. And it’s what Elle says for, AFAIK,
more than a year.

...and what the GIMP developers have accepted for more than a year.

Just for the records.

(not arguing or trying to bring back the neverending thread, just asking
"for the records")

What's the immediate plan for 2.10? It's still using unbounded sRGB for
the working RGB pixel formats?
As it was already discussed, that would be enough for keeping things
more or less consistent with earlier versions of GIMP (i.e. getting sRGB
right) and fast, but potentially problematic when dealing chromaticity
dependent operations and wider gamut colorspaces.

I've been told that the goal is to release 2.10 with GEGL providing the
same functionalities and keeping the legacy appearance of legacy files
as soon as possible and then take care of specific color management in
future versions.
That seems a reasonable plan, of course, but I'm curious about how the
program will deal with non-sRGB images if editing them in the source
colorspace won't be possible and some operations are likely to fail with
unbounded sRGB.
Forcing a bounded conversion to sRGB for the time being could be a
solution, although quite unpopular for anyone using anything but sRGB.
Or is there still chances of an "anyRGB" pixelformat allowing working on
the artist's colorspace of choice for 2.10?


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